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Your One Stop Shop

for Wedding & Special Events

Gray's Event Center 

Where Style & Design Meet

Gray's Event Center Presents

Another Beautiful & Wonderful Wedding Day.

Shrine & Sphinx Ball

Latino Wedding 

*Mannequin Challenge*

"The Great Gatsby" Mannequin Challenge Themed Party! 

The Number One Stunnas #1 

Gray's Event Center

We build your dream around you

All White Birthday Party 

Your birthday only comes around

once a year, so let 

"Us" make that a day to remember.

All White Birthday Party Extravaganza!!! 

Dak Prescott @ Gray's Event Center 

Weddings & Receptions

 Much more than you expect.

A truly magnificent setting for your special event.

Your vision, Your event,

Your way.

We Make  your Event be filled with Excitement, Joy, and Laughter.

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