About Us

About Us

Young people greeting african american girl with birthday cake at a reunion.

About Us

Discover the epitome of elegance at Gray's Event Center, your premier venue situated in the vibrant heart of Lancaster, Texas.  Whether you are planning a heartwarming reunion or a grand corporate event, our seasoned team is here to craft an experience that is as unique and special as your story.

At Gray's, we don't just host events; we create unforgettable memories woven with luxury and comfort, meticulously curated to bring your vision to life. Step into a world where dreams meet reality and every celebration is a symphony of joyous occasions.

About The Gray’s Events Center

The Gray’s Events Center is a one-of-a-kind, two venue, multi-purpose event center. Conveniently located on the frontage road of I-35E, in Lancaster Texas. The Gray’s Event Center can be full-service venue hospitality company that helps client-partners reimagine entertainment, parties and get togethers or a do-it-yourself venue where your creativity and imagination can run wild. 

Gray’s Event Center is the perfect event space for weddings, wedding reception venues, live music, corporate events, reunions, retirement parties, Quinceañeras, event venue, after-funeral repast and more. 

Flexible Catering Options

Many caterers have come through our doors, and we like it that way. You should be able to choose the food and caterers that you want. After all, it's your event, isn't it? That's why we don't charge any extra fee for you using a caterer for your food. Of course, we can suggest a few for you, if you like.

Other services and equipment

All of our tables and chairs are part of your rental fee. 

  • Free set-up and tear-down of tables and chairs.
  • Manager-on-duty checks in with vendors & planners. 

Free Wi-Fi

You can't throw a bouquet these days without hitting someone who needs a wi-fi connection. So, yes! We have a nice and speedy one that you can use for your event, whether you need music for your DJ, general connectivity to ask questions of those away from the venue, or you need to stream a conference for your business meeting.

Experienced and Friendly Staff

Few things get us happier than helping people make great memories. The Gray’s Event Center staff knows our job is to make your special event as easy and stress-free as possible. We do that through tours, thoughtful contract and planning meetings, careful preparation, and attentive observation during events. Your tables and chairs will be set up for you to decorate. We also finish your evening by cleaning the space and taking down the chairs and tables so you can leave with your guests worry free.  

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Celebrities Celebrate at Gray's Event Center in Lancaster

Dal Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys frequently celebrates at Gray's Event Center. A few years ago, following the Cowboys win on Thanksgiving Day, Dak Prescott drove straight to Gray's Event Center in Lancaster, Texas to join the Gray's and his family and friends. Yep! Dak hung out with the family for Thanksgiving and again on Friday night where we celebrated his big brother's birthday with good music, food and lots of fun. Wow, what a week.